Projecto Lapa volta a adiar data prevista para a entrega do dispositivo

22 04 2014

Projecto Lapa volta a adiar a data prevista para a entrega do dispositivo, devido a questões relacionadas com controlo de qualidade, certificações do produto, entre outros motivos. Em baixo o comunicado enviado à comunidade.
3 color pack
"Dear Backers and Friends,
It’s been a little while since our last update and now it’s about time to give you more specific insights about how things are moving in production. As scheduled, the Hardware production will be accomplished by the end of April.
Yet, when testing the first assembled units with the final plastic injected cases we got inconsistencies in our unitary testings when replacing the battery of some of the units, which seem to not always hold the contact with the battery.
Therefore, in order to assure the best quality we are forced to nearly redo the whole plastic molding. This pushed shipping three more weeks forward on top of the Hardware production, and the final molding is therefore re-scheduled to be finalized by 26th of May. We’ll start shipping from that week on in order of the pre-ordering date of our backers and costumers.
The Lapa App for iOS will be submitted to Apple Store in two weeks from now so we can get it approved just before the time of shipping. The Lapa App will be submitted for Android by that time as it has immediate approval.

Also stay with some other advances that took place in Lapa as it moves to the physical market:
– Lapa Platform: we took advantage of the previous delay to seriously improve our web-based app and lost&found service. Therefore, we moved all our servers to Amazon Cloud so we can have the fastest and safest response when exchanging information between your Lapas and our servers. We also invested a lost of time in making your Lapas unbreakable, so no one can access your Lapas without your permission and if they happen to be robbed they basically become useless.
– Quality Control: We developed a strict unitary testing procedure so we can assure that every single produced Lapa meets the best quality before coming to your hands.
– Certifications: Lapa is already RoHS certified and is now waiting for CE, FCC, IC, and Telec certifications so it can be commercialized worldwide.
– Packaging: We just start designing a very cool packaging so our costumers have the best unboxing experience just before start using their Lapas. Yet, as it can only be accomplished in June, we designed a minimal packaging to fullfil the first pre-orders so you get your Lapas as soon as possible.
– Branding: We had already established strong partnerships with other brands and worldwide distributors to release Lapa in the worldwide physical market. As the Lapa brand is getting stronger so will our image and contents. Therefore, we are redesigning the whole website and releasing new multimedia contents to promote our brand.
– Lapa Team: Since November 2012 we had been fully devoting ourselves to Lapa for free, as we strongly believe in the product that you helped us built =).
Yet, thanks to your pre-orders and support we could recently convince venture capitalists to invest in our company, which will allow us to get a salary and grow our team. Therefore, we will hire more developers to keep updating the Lapa App and provide you better costumer support for your convenience. This will also allow us to grow as a brand and release improved versions of our product in the future.
In the next two weeks we will be sending you an email for you to update your address for shipment.
Thank you again for all your support and patience"



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23 04 2019
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Projecto Lapa volta a adiar data prevista para a entrega do dispositivo | ..::invisible flame light::..

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