Dicas para configurar etiquetas baseadas em Crystal Reports para serem impressas em impressoras Zebra

19 01 2016

Este artigo contem algumas dicas a ter em conta quando são configuradas etiquetas baseadas em Crystal Reports, para impressão em impressoras do fabricante Zebra (estas dicas podem aplicar-se a cenários de impressão com impressoras de etiquetas de outros fabricantes).



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Printing from Crystal Reports


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Zebra Printers

Crystal Reports



Tips for Printing to Zebra printers from Crystal Reports with the ZebraDesigner Driver


Using the ZebraDesigner Driver

1. Define the page size in Crystal Reports as the correct Zebra printer label size.

2. In Crystal Reports define the Zebra printer and Zebra driver as being used by the "Report."

3. Once printing successfully in a test environment, make certain that this same environment with the exact same driver and setup are used in the production environment.

4. Make sure you are using the most current version of Crystal Reports. There was a known Crystal Reports issue in previous versions that could cause the program to lose its knowledge of the printer settings. This was true for all printers not just Zebra printers.

5. If all else fails, consider Zebra label design software and a direct connection to your database. Unlike Zebra label design software, Crystal Reports was primarily designed to print to sheets of paper and not to individual labels.

Note: If you are printing successfully but the barcodes printed on your labels will not scan, here are two possible suggestions.

1. You may be able to correct the issue by resizing your barcodes before sending to the printer. This is because the barcodes generated when printing from Crystal Reports are rendered as graphics. If the size of the barcode is not an exact multiple of the print head dpi for your Zebra printer it can print but may not be scannable. This will take some trial and error to find a larger or smaller version of the barcode that will scan.

2. The ZebraDesigner Driver includes a Command Font feature that allows you to pass commands directly through to the printer. The following link provides detail on how to use this feature.

This link explains how to use the Command Font feature: Read More>>

Programming Language Guides are available for download from www.zebra.com.

Limitations with .NET should also be considered if you are developing in the .NET environment.

The .NET framework does not allow the use of printer fonts, you can only use True Type and Open Type fonts. Customers using Crystal Reports in .NET are affected by this restriction of the .NET framework.

This .NET restriction has been shown to affect both barcodes and text. In one instance a customer reported that a non-Zebra True Type Code 39 font was splitting the printed barcode even with valid data.

Conclusion, was to try a different True Type barcode font which is not available from Zebra.

In applications where it is necessary to use Crystal Report viewer to print Labels, .NET does not recognize Zebra Fonts. It is necessary to use True Type fonts to print labels.

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